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Smartphone Repair Starting $70 & Up! iPad Repair Starting $110 & Up! iPhone Battery start as low as $45.00 and Up! On-Site Repair for Any Kind of Printer & Bar Code Scanner, Including Large Format Printers & Scanners Mac & iPod Repair PC Repair Virus, Phishing Removal & Computer Networking .

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We repair printers, Projectors, Plasma TV’s ETC. Prices varies, depending on the type of repairs and the amount of LCDs sent in.

Macs and PCs too!

Data Recovery Hard Drive, Raid, Flash Memory, CD, DVD, any type from $299 (Santa Clara)

•  Logic board (controller) failures.
•  Broken power/data connectors (requires fine soldering).
•  Spindle/arm driver chip failure (requires replacement of either a logic board, or a chip, additional repairs may be needed depending on the true cause of the problem).
•  Head block pre-amplification failure (platter box must be opened).
•  Moving parts failures.
•  Head crash.
•  Spindle bearing seizure or spindle motor failure.

Firmware corruption (requires special software and sometimes special connection arrangement).

From thumbdrive to RAID, when businesses and individuals need first-rate data recovery service in the shortest amount of time, they choose us. This is because our technology, turnaround, and success is second to none.

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