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Smartphone Repair Starting $70 & Up! iPad Repair Starting $110 & Up! iPhone Battery start as low as $45.00 and Up! On-Site Repair for Any Kind of Printer & Bar Code Scanner, Including Large Format Printers & Scanners Mac & iPod Repair PC Repair Virus, Phishing Removal & Computer Networking .

Data Recovery

Data Recovery from $299.00 and Up

Hard Drives
Flash Drives
Raid System

CD Memory
Zip & Floppy Disc
CDs & Tapes

Hard Drive

Any type of medium from $299.00

  • Logic board (controller) failures.
  • Broken power/data connectors (requires fine soldering).
  • Spindle/arm driver chip failure (requires replacement of either a logic board, or a chip, additional repairs may be needed depending on the true cause of the problem).
  • Head block pre-amplification failure (platter box must be opened).
  • Moving parts failures.
  • Head crash.

Spindle bearing seizure or spindle motor failure.
• Firmware corruption (requires special software and sometimes special connection arrangement).
•  From thumbdrive to RAID, when businesses and individuals need first-rate data recovery service in the shortest amount of time, they choose us.

This is because our technology, turnaround, and success is second to none.